Property Legislation


  • Property managers, trustees, real estate representatives
  • Traders
  • Developers, property developers, property traders
  • Investors, real estate company,
  • Project manager, contractors, manufacturers
  • Communities and public institutions
  • Co-ownership unions, ASL, AFUL
  • And individuals

Room Avocats advises its clients both in counselling and litigation in the following fields:

Acquisitions and property sales – housing or retail buildings

  • Acquisitions and housing or retail building sales

Commercial, professional and residential leases

  • Negotiation, drafting and review of commercial and professional leases as well as all related acts (renewal amendments, sublease contracts, management lease contracts, leaseback transactions).
  • Prevention, audit, monitoring and strategic guidance of pre-litigation situations: invoicing for indexation, charges, taxations and work monitoring.
  • Follow-up of all commercial rent disputes concerning the application of the statute possibly through mediation: rents collection and other rental debts, eviction, commercial rents determination, renewal, termination, eviction, expulsion…
  • Business, tenancy law and shares sales.
  • Drafting and monitoring of litigation applicable to residential leases.


  • Management of all issues raised by works in private and common areas or affecting them: work authorization, execution and post-execution of these works.
  • Acquisition of common areas.
  • Protest against general assembly, charges and terms of co-ownership rules. • Civil liability action against property managers, co-ownership syndicates, co-owners, builders and insurers who took action inside a condominium or in its vicinity.
  • Collection of unpaid debts and charges.

Private and public construction markets, Real estate development

  • Negotiation, drafting and analyses of all construction and real estate development contracts as well as all resulting bills of sale (VEFA, VEFR…).
  • Support during the execution of a contract up to its reception and/or delivery (preventive summary…), handling of all issues related to the execution and conclusion of the contract (claims, site abandonment, cancellation, delays, protest against the final general breakdown).

Construction litigations

  • Builders and developers’ duties (common law, legal guarantees, abnormal neighbourhood disturbances …) as well as mandatory and optional construction insurances (“Dommage-Ouvrage” policy, all-risk insurance, civil liability …).

Litigation related to property tax optimisation


Neighbourhood relations and disputes

  • Easements, shared boundaries, demarcation, planning permission, disturbances.