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Corporate Law

Our firm provides advice and assistance to companies, shareholders or partners and managers in the following fields:

Acquisitions and sales of companies

  • Negotiation and drafting of letters of intent, share transfer agreements, asset and liability guarantee agreements, etc.

Private equity operations

  • Venture capital and LBO

Corporate restructurings

  • Conversion, merger, asset or business unit sales etc.

Equity capital operations

  • Capital increase and reduction, issue of compound securities,

Organisation of relationship between shareholders

  • Negotiation and drafting of shareholders agreements,

Managers and employees profit-sharing

  • Free share allocation and employee share purchase plans, group savings plan, FCPE

Legal audit of businesses

  • « Due diligence » buyer or vendor

Legal administration of businesses

  • Approval of accounts, regulated agreements, cash management agreements, intra-group service agreements,

Stock exchange introduction and follow-up

  • of legal and statutory obligations of listed companies, publication in BALO, crossing of thresholds